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About Norton Labradors

We raise and sell high-quality English Labrador Retrievers. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are not a kennel; our adults and pups are well-socialized family pets that are well cared for and given love and attention. For better or worse, the adults sleep on our couches and beds, beg for our food, and are full family members.

Baby Season Announcements! Now accepting deposits...

This coming year, we're expecting:

Adeline (black) to have black and yellow pups in the Spring, ready to go in late-spring or early summer 2019; Accepting deposits now;

Luna (black) to potentially have black and yellow pups in late Summer or early Fall 2019;

Ella (chocolate) to have chocolate pups in the Fall/Winter 2019;

It will all depend on the timing of heats and cycles, but we will keep everyone posted here and on Facebook!

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The Norton Labradors retirement lineup includes:

  • Buddy (son of Maddy) is the only male we've ever had. He is OFA Excellent, a big ol' oaf, and has never been used for breeding.
  • Roxanna (Roxy) is black, daughter of Carousel, was a member of the Cara/Filson 2009 litter. She lives next door with her sister Zoe and is retired from breeding. She is also OFA Excellent, and the mother of our Piper and Luna.
  • Gracie, a chocolate lab who is OFA Excellent, gave us our first litter of chocolates in 5 years in August 2012. She retired from breeding in 2017. We kept Ella from one of her litters.
  • Zoe, a black lab, was part of the Cara/Filson 2010 litter born June 23, 2010. She lives with Roxy next door and is also retired. She is OFA Excellent, and the mother of our Addie.
  • Carousel (Cara), a docile and beautiful black lab who whelped some wonderful puppies, crossed the rainbow bridge in 2017 at the age of 14. We kept Roxy and Zoe from Cara's past litters.
  • Maddison (Maddy/Sienna), a spirited yellow lab who loved to swim and cuddle, was OFA Excellent and retired several years ago. We kept Buddy, Sandy, and Sadie from her past litters. Maddy passed away peacefully in 2017 with her retirement family at the age of 12.
  • Sandy, a Maddy daughter and Cara granddaughter, is OFA Excellent. She was never intended to be ours, but returned to us at the age of 2 and has learned to live the pack life for a while. She has retired from breeding and lives with a a wonderful family and one of her sons in Massachusetts.
  • Sienna (Anna), a chocolate lab and a founding member of our pack, retired from breeding and lived next door until she passed away at age 11 in 2011.